All Installation Services are Carried Out By One of Our Launceston Plumbing & Gas Qualified Tradesman.

Hot Water Cylinders

Ensuring you have the right hot water system installed for your home is really important for living comfortably and efficiently. We highly recommend a range of products supplied by our preferred supplied Reece Plumbing that cover anything from gas storage, continuous flow or solar unit or heat pump.

You can also opt for another brand you would like to invest in and we can certainly give you advice on this product and complete the installation you need promptly and efficiently.

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Toilet Installations

When it comes time to replace or install a new toilet it is very important you choose the right one. With many toilet products out there available, our expert plumbers will direct you to the right one. We will ensure you find a toilet this has;

  • effective flushing
  • water efficient
  • durable
  • designed to your aesthetic needs

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Fixture Installation

Need a tap, sink or vanity installed into your new or renovated home? We can provide all of these plumbing services using either your preferred choice of one of our recommended Reece Plumbing products.

Water Filters

Save money on buying bottled water and have us install a quality water filter system. It is really straight forward for our expert plumbers.

To ask one of our licenced plumbers, contact our friendly Launceston Plumbing Team today.

Rainwater tank installation

With Many modern tank styles above and below ground available. We can install this option for you, our excavation service allows us to easily arrange a rainwater tank.